Oncology Massage

Oncology massage benefits individuals who have a history of cancer, whether in treatment, remission, palliative, or cure. Massage can help you relieve or manage the short and long term side effects of treatments such as anxiety, short term pain, and fatigue. Oncology Massage sessions are adjusted for your safety and healing. Regularly scheduled sessions may help you stay the course of your treatments and connect with your “new normal.” For more information about resotrative massage, please read What is "oncology" massage?.

Oncology Massage Forms

Oncology massage clients are asked to print and complete the Intake and Fees & Policies forms. Please bring them to your first appointment. Use these forms even if you are in remission, or cured. Additionally if you have an injury for which you are seeking massage and also have a history with cancer, please use these forms.

Please note that there are some conditions in which massage is not appropriate. In this case, we may need a physicians’ release prior to your massage treatment. I will assist you in this process. For those currently receiving treatment for cancer or other complex medical conditions, we will work with your health care provider as needed to ensure safe and healing bodywork treatments.

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