Modalities are techniques used to help facilitate change. Each modality will have a specific therapeutic intent. A thorough health assessment and follow through care is very important to our work because this information helps us determine which techniques are best suited to your needs. As your needs change I adjust my massage approach. Types of modalities or techniques I may use include:

Source: Scherer Institute & Sandy Canzone, DOM

  • Comfort Care Swedish Massage
    Gentle work providing comfort, care, compassion and connection. The therapeutic impact of the relaxation response decreases the central nervous system, reduces heart rate, increases peristalsis, and helps to restore normal blood pressure levels.
  • Gentle Acupressure
    Gentle pressure is applied to specific points that assist the body in balancing, tonifying, and strengthening. This technique helps rebuild and restore the body’s systems. Derived from Chinese medicine, this modality helps build your energy and is very nourishing. Gentle accupressure can be used with or without Healing Stones and special oils.
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
    Light, slow, and repetitive strokes that assist the body in removing extra toxins and increasing lymphatic circulation. MLD is used to help maintain or decrease symptoms of lymphedema (LE). My scope of practice includes those at risk for and early stages of LE. I also provide basic tips for self care. I do not work with severe cases, provide bandaging, or recommend exercises.
  • Craniosacral
    Gentle pressure and movements are used to balance the flow of cerebral and spinal fluids that when disrupted can cause the central nervous system to dysfunction. This work helps to realign soft tissues and balances these fluids. Very helpful when gentle touch is indicated.
  • Reiki
    Very gentle work that helps restore and balance energy which may be provided with or without touching the body. Specific hand placements do not manipulate, or move soft tissues. Very helpful when conditions prevent the use of other techniques.
  • Reflexology
    Gentle to firm pressure is applied to hands and feet, which correspond with various parts of the body for the purpose of balancing the body systems. Very useful when clients cannot tolerate, or health conditions prevent the use of other techniques.
  • Neuromuscular and Deep Tissue
    This technique is focused on specific muscle groups, their function and strength. We work to restore function and increase mobility and strength. This can be very deep work. I use a medical massage approach to treat various injuries.

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