Caregiver Information

As friends, family and caregivers of those living with cancer or other chronic illnesses, it is easy to forget about our own self-care. A diagnosis of cancer for a loved one is extremely stressful, and can be an emotional overload for everyone in the family. As caregivers, the stress is compounded by keeping track of appointments, trying to understand the complexities of treatments, plus handling everyday family matters like grocery shopping, bill paying, work, etc. The last item on our to-do list is usually to “take care of myself”.

Source: AMTA Photo File 2008

Our health and well-being encompasses more than just our physical bodies. We need to remember our social supports, spiritual foundations, and the multitude of other individual ways in which we find strength. Whether it is reaching out to friends, finding support groups, keeping up with our own exercise, gaining strength through our faith, or getting a massage, we must find ways to sustain and nourish ourselves through this challenging time.

Getting a massage... an hour or so of time out, ah what a thought! Massage can do for you, what it does for your loved one. It can help ease the stress and strain, provide relief from anxiety, and help bring you back to yourself. Restorative massage can help you refresh your mind, rejuvenate your soul, and rest your body.

When we give ourselves time to replenish and realign, we can rest; as we rest, we heal. We reconnect with what is good and pleasurable in our bodies. I encourage you to take a time out; get a massage to balance and re-set your personal world.

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